Is Mongolia Worth Visiting?

    1. Arrived Back in Vietnam

    We arrived back in Vietnam, after a few months of backpacking through Hong Kong, Macau, China, Mongolia, South Korea, and Japan.

    1. Favorite Destination

    There are many people who were curious to know where exactly our favorite destination was.

    1. Hands Down

    Without hesitation, both of us, hands down, will say Mongolia!

    1. Unique Country

    Mongolia is a unique country that has a special place in our hearts forever.

    1. Visit Mongolia

    We have compiled a list of reasons why you should definitely visit Mongolia.

    1. The Mongol Empire

    Many people have heard of Mongolia and the Mongol Empire, but do you know how many there are.

    1. Definitely Going to Change

    Mongolia is a country less traveled, but we think this is definitely going to change over the next few years.

    1. Popular and Modernized

    Infrastructure is rapidly improving, and the country is becoming more popular and modernized.

    1. Mass Amounts of Tourism

    We recommend you book a Mongolia tour package, before the culture and natural preservations are overshadowed by mass amounts of tourism and international influences.

    1. Undiscovered and Untouched

    However, for now, the country is still a relatively undiscovered and untouched corner of the Earth.

    1. Boasts Landscapes

    Mongolia boasts landscapes that will blow you away! Half of Mongolia’s 3 million populations live in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar.

    1. Land Outside of the City

    Therefore, the land outside of the city is untouched and ready to take your breath away.

    1. Vast Amount of Open

    Mongolia has a lot of land and it is constantly changing as you move further away from the city.

    1. Gobi Desert

    From the mountains of the Gobi Desert to the snow-capped mountains of the west to the lush green forests of central Mongolia.

    1. Discover Landscapes

    You are sure the landscapes are so different but so close that you have never seen them before

    1. Unrealistic

    Honestly, it is out of this world, and it somewhat reminded us of landscapes that are so unrealistic that you would see them in a cartoon.

    1. Amazing Adventures

    Amazing adventures await! A sense of adventure is certainly out there, even for the well-organized travelers.

    1. Old Russian Mini-Van

    Once you get in your Old Russian minivan and drive out of town, who knows where you will spend the night, what you will eat, or what you will see along the way.

    1. Comfy Bed Free of Creepy Crawlies

    You can go a few days before you have the opportunity to take a shower, have a nice hot meal, or sleep in a comfortable bed free from the creeping hunger.

    1. Amazing Wildlife and Animals

    But what we can guarantee is the amazing animals and animals you see, the kind-hearted families you meet, and the lessons you will learn throughout your life.

    1. Sunsets at the Top of Dunes

    The adventure continues and there are opportunities to watch the heavenly sunset on top of the mountain.

    1. Ride on Horseback

    The ride on horseback through lush steppes and lakes.

    1. Camel Ride

    The camel rides into the sunset in the desert bike through an ice glacier in the summer heat or sleeps under the magical night stars.

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