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Pros and Cons and Role of Robots in the Medical Field


The is a fact that in the modern-day, technology has made the life of an average consumer a lot easy, regardless of the benefits of ease and accessibility, we will explore in this article the few pros and cons related to the assistance of robots in the medical field.

Some people cogitate that robots are likely to become as ubiquitous as doctors that are necessary to perform surgeries in the hospital, whereas others consider that such automated machines might have detrimental impacts on the future society. However, robotically assisted surgery is developed to try to overcome the elimination of pre-existing techniques and to enhance the capabilities of surgeons performing open surgeries. There are some advantages and disadvantages discussed below:


  • The foremost role is that robots could operate in locations that doctors cannot perform such as head and neck surgeries.
  • These machines can act as extended eyes for doctors enabling them to look beyond their visual boundaries.
  • It can be used inside the human body for monitoring their health and undertaking and assessing their risk factors


  • On the contrary, robot usage in some other industries than the medical field may have adverse effects on the upcoming generation of the human workforce. In many robust organizations, the people will be replaced by machines and this will increase the unemployment rate.
  • Using Robots on a larger scale may emerge other issues such as the unemployment rate that may contribute to poverty in societies, a perfect example can be all those factories that transformed their existing technologies into the newer ones may have significantly reduced the numbers of factory workers, as machines can perform better along with cutting the cost of production in the long run.
  • Another predominant factor is that people may rely more on robots for convenience in their daily lives, thus making them sluggish without their assistance.

From my perspective, we can get benefits from them in the medical field to some extent. For instance, robots exist in the form of TELEPRESENCE, which means that they can connect the doctors with the patients from remote locations. Moreover, programmed robots are capable of performing sophisticated incisions with minimal scarring.


There are convincing arguments both are in and against the role of robots in our future world but the robots will add many benefits in the future for medical tools and machines, such as but not limited to, these machines will be equipped with the HD cameras, mechanical arms and several other advance tools.

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