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The Overview of Best ENT Doctors in Jaipur

How did the study of ENT come into existence?

The study of ENT came into the scene in the 19th century, when physicians found out that there are passages and tubes in a human body that interlink the ear, nose, and throat.

Then, they designed some special instruments to look more carefully at these organs and study them in much more detail.

The study of ENT is also known as Otolaryngology.

Adam Pulitzer is considered the father of the history of ENT. He is famous for inventing various techniques and instruments for the treatment of ENT regions. He invented a portable acoumeter to improvise the old procedures of examining auditory sensitiveness. 

Who are ENT Doctors?

An otolaryngologist or ENT specialist is classified as a doctor or physician who specializes in ENT disorders. Otolaryngologists can identify and treat people with ENT disorders using their medical and operative abilities.

However, ENT experts are further trained in any precise field they choose, such as the OT (otology), Nose (rhinology), Throat (Laryngology, Heart and Nail/Thyroid, Sleep Facial and Reconstructive Surgery and Pediatrics), which includes headache, developmental retardations, ear infections, epoxy and adenoid infections, problems with airways, asthma and allergies, etc.

Common Signs and Symptoms

Runny nose, Pharyngitis (commonly known as sore throat), Coughing or Sniffling, Nasal congestion, Sinus, Earache, Loss of hearing, Sneezing, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, problem in respiration or breathing, Nosebleeds, Unpleasant or swollen ear, larynx problem, or tumors in head or neck.

If you have one of these signs, the best Ent doctors in Jaipur of Jaipur Doorbeen Hospital can look after medical support with appreciable care, support, and treatment.

Some Severe Conditions

  • Problems related to ear- Otosclerosis, deterioration hearing ability with age, cholesteatoma with a ruptured eardrum, and protruding ears.
  • Problems related to nose – Infection of the sinus and rhino-sinusitis, nasal injury, nasal polyps, nose tumors, odor, and nasal congestion disturbing conditions.
  • Problems related to Throat – Adenoid issues, snoring, sleep apnea and snoring, rushing and laryngitis, respiratory problems in the top airways, swallowing problems.
  • Core — Mouth cancer, oral cavity, lungs, larynx, spit or nasal and nasal cancer, facial skin lesions and thyroid and parathyroid problems; and Heart and Nose Cancer.
  • Cosmetic facial operation – face restoration after cancer or trauma, rhinoplasty treatment, blepharoplasty, and otoplasty treatment.
Best ENT Doctors in Jaipur:

The ENT expert assesses the physical examination, hearing exams (audiometry assessments, impedance tests), CT scanning, MRI scan and PET scan, Needle biopsy, and a short ambulatory examination in detail (under anesthesia).

Book an appointment with the best ENT doctors in Jaipur or visit them at Jaipur Doorbeen Hospital, one of Jaipur’s finest ENT hospitals with modern services for a variety of ENT conditions.

The Jaipur Doorbeen Hospital provides all specialized multi-super and multi-agency tertiary healthcare facilities. Each phase is designed to ensure excellence in patient care and diagnosis by the finest blend of advanced technologies, and well-coordinated patient-centered teamwork.

The hospital is committed to confidence and professionalism and aims to deliver a comprehensive advanced spectrum of primary and specialty medical facilities as well as intermediate consulting services for remarkable patient support.

It is one of India’s fastest expanding primary care hospitals with multi-super specialty services. The Jaipur Doorbeen Hospital’s patient-friendly facilities ensure excellent safety and treatment. The hospital is built to satisfy both domestic and foreign patients’ demanding needs. The patient rooms have all new conveniences. In a peaceful atmosphere that gives them anonymity and space, patients and family members are gaining a new perspective in the healthcare industry. Never avoid the symptoms and if you experience any one of them, don’t delay consulting a doctor.

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